Dancing Away– A Poem

Dancing alone,

You have gone –you don’t know it

But you have—

Don’t blame you,

After all, you owe me nothing….

I want to earn your repentance,

Your trust,

Make amends,

Get your smile back—

But it’s too late.

I’ve written and written

I’ve screamed inside my mind

I’ve screamed inside my soul

“Can’t you hear me anymore? Won’t You”

…but you always walk away;

Even when you don’t realize that you are….

And I just sit here and watch you dance away from me—

….and hope and pray to a God who doesn’t want to hear it anymore..like you…

For just one moment for you to take a turn towards me

And just show me a little smile, or a nod, or a “hey..whatcha doin?”

But you keep on moving around me

Like I’m not there…or vanished…

…or never existed.

We danced once, we loved and loved,

We laughed like there was no end to laughing

And we reveled in each other….without an end to passion…

Now….my choices; my mistakes; my flaws…

They’ve made a wall so immense that Samson couldn’t tear it down;

And my hair has been cut, and my eyes torn out…

And my strength gone—all because I let a dragon loose in my soul.

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