Goodbye Old Friend: A Poem

Anger spits out

Like venom from a viper’s maw…

You can’t be in my life anymore…

You can’t give me your love again…

And I can’t enjoy your embrace…


Rage shakes a hammer at the glass of my soul…

It shatters it into a million pieces and sees me on the floor

You can’t wrap around me again…

You can’t remain my closest friend…

I’ll never feel your warmth again…


I lash out at those I love, with gritted teeth

And a tightened jaw

And a fury that cannot be trusted

Like an animal caged to itself, visceral and resentful,

Knowing it’s days of free roam won’t ever happen

And the colored jungled of light and wonder won’t be walked through–


Screaming inside—

Blaming the world

And the stress

And the pain

And them

And the past…

And the future..

My friend is gone…

Forever—and it’s loss drives me down;

It saw me through times I’ve never known.

It was a special place– for just me

It was a special time—just where I could be,

Full of color and music and light and song and wonder…

And now it’s gone


I poured it all away

Down a sink that smelled of old potato and mildew.

It deserved more from a friend…

But, others deserved more than it did

And for them I turned to start and make amends

To try and save those left as friends…

Never to return


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