Ode to a Friend: A Poem

A friend can come from nowhere

And change your life without knowing you exist…

This once came without a warning

And pulled me back from the edge of darkness….

From the precipice of destruction and living in the darkest of places.

Out of the blue and at a time when black was the color of my soul…

A simple advert for writing something just shone through that blackness;

It simply asked “write anything”…and my soul, on it’s last legs crawled back to the light…

It screamed at me with a voice of sawdust pain, “I write! Let me have a go!”

A soul can be broken, I know because it makes a noise…

A noise like a tree being struck by lightning from the hand of God

And leaving nothing…splintered and burnt,…unsalvageable.

That’s where it was—smoldering in the barrens….

But still it screamed “ I can write” and it took my hands from me….

It made me remember all those nights of walking in a special place,

Across the sea, In my mind and in my being and with longing unimagined,

A dream locale untouched by the foul world,

And truly made to show what beauty and love can be when it can come to life…

It made my hands fly to make the words….and say the names…

Like a river of fire

Running through the middle of my head,

The words poured forth

As they keep on doing

Over and over without ceasing

And without any control

Like Promethean fire,

Lighting my world anew

And giving me hope….

This all because of a new friend—

Who, not knowing I was alive or existed,

Found me and saved me in ways my soul cannot describe;

Except to say,

I live again and take the breath of the spirit

Because a friend,

In this dark and brutal world,

Opened a simple door

And said—come, join us.

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