Standing on the Edge: A Poem

Each of us, in our time

Find ourselves standing at the edge of a chasm—

It beckons to us like a lover–

And we want to either be pulled back from it’s edge;

Or pulled forward to it’s void

To change life’s course is that chasm,

In my life, it’s now do or die—

I face each day with an anvil on my back…

Like Atlas, carrying the globe

That pushes me to make a choice.

Or die trying to.

The chasm has two sides;

Hearth and Home or Work and Duty….

Choose one, the other falls—

Dirt simple.

Make a choice and one is lost;

Make no choices and I am lost….

There is no middle ground; no bridge between.

It’s not easy to choose a side;

It all rides on what you love most…

Survival in this world of rotting virtue and despair

Or holding a family together with naught to hold with…

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