Unwelcome Sunset: A Poem


Another sunset.

Where others might draw wonder or see splendor,

I see the rise of a dark blanket…

A harbinger of another day

of fear and gnashing struggle.

The dark is kind, though…

In it I can wrap myself and embrace the numbness

That lasts, and tastes, sweet– like the touch of a lover true;

And feel within it’s wings

Safety and serenity…for only a time.

Then dawn comes screaming into my life,

And brings with it such bright chaos and anguish;

Cutting me again and again and again

Like shards of glass made of sunlight—

Oh, to prop myself up to fight through another day…

Like a cadaver who has forgotten it’s home on the slab

I trudge through a blaring, screeching existence;

Every nerve afire with raw, white, scraping—

Trying to shuffle towards the close

Of one day…..and it’s unwelcome sunset.


Another sunset….

At least the wings will be dark and warm again.

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