The Door in the Floor: A Poem

I turned my key in the lock

And opened the door to fall into hell.

Once more….with feeling.

The work day, full of it’s shrieks and thrashing

had begat once again a satin night of drunken mindlessness…

And I ran to it with opened arms.

“Abandon All Hope”. Indeed.

I slunk along the baseboards and found my way

Into the vault of delights, and, took from that garden gladly

the finest bottle of “Right Here, Right Now” I could find…

And bled into it, merged with it, suckled it…

Until my world was a watercolor blur of harsh words and rage.

Rage, after all….true rage, isn’t loud and vulgar;

It’s silent as a grave and sharp as a razor in it’s

Thin-lipped, humiliating grin that tears into the flesh of the soul

Of the one I love.

Rage—true rage….lies behind a smile.

And spits.

She closed the Door so that the floor was strong enough

To bear the brunt of the fall I took..

A fall that shook her heart and stole her dignity;

A fall through a door that stole my love and my mind….


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