A Song for the Shore: Portmierion, Wales

Every day I walk the beach—from afar.

Every day I walk the grass of the Old People’s Home—from afar.

Every day I feel the breeze from the estuary stir my hair like fingers of peace—from afar.

Every day Portmierion lives inside—from afar.

I know I’ll never get there,

I know it’s not for me

I know I’ll never be fortunate enough

To walk there by the Sea

But I dream.

I stroll the cobbled paths

I walk the streets and peer through the windows

I search the entire Village and try to touch each place to feel it’s embrace—from afar.

Like a dream that will not end

Like a kiss from a beloved friend

I hold tight to Portmierion—from afar.

In my mind

It’s always there –from afar.

It cannot be removed

Nor can I be ever taken

From it’s shelter and it’s hold

Through a time of despair

It has given hope and air

Trusting my heart and soul to it’s care

From afar.

With longing to be captured

Truly taken and placed there

I would give my deepest secrets up

And forever dwell in it’s care

Come and take me Portmierion,

Come and steal me from this storm

Let your embrace surround me

Until my days are done.

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