Deep Waters

I sat today

and watched my son

recite his Spanish homework

with a pride and awe

that I have not felt since he came into my life

with his mother alongside,

seven years ago…

He suffers from anxiety and many needs,

and had to do the rectitation on camera

yet he sat like a grown man,

rehearsing as he went

working and working,

to get it right–

like I to get it right

to be father to him

since seven years ago…

He did it ! He won!

He pushed himself beyond

the crushing fear of one

who has seen such darkness

from where he’s come since

seven years ago…

He said “Thank you Dad, for helping me”

He had no Dad when we met;

his father having passed away

and his young life not quite started yet,

in a very dark place,

seven years ago…

And, Oh, how now

I finally see

what God has placed as a duty in me,

to be what this child,

what this young man,

must have to grow

to fulfil his plan

for me as a Dad to him,

I must always stand

since seven years ago…

Life has Deep waters

that’s how our lives are…

Who knew I would have two children,

but find him as well, from afar

That God in his guidance

had two more sons for me

Two, from another mother, two that needed me.

These that I did not make,

But both I gladly take,

With whom, like my own, I make mistakes

But whom I will never forsake

as my own,

since seven years ago.

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