Flash Horror #1: The Family Dinner

This will be the first of a series of very short flash Horror stories I intend to to experiment in writing in under 500 words..(no rotten tomatoes please.)

He was clearing the table of the remnants of dinner without a care in the world for the firs time in MONTHS. “Wow, this was great” he thought to himself…”A real family style dinner with lots of laughing and talking and none of the garbage we’ve been dealing with for so long!”

“For so long” had meant at least two years. Ever since the kids had gotten older, and a lot less easy to manage, and his wife, Deena, had started a career of her own and hadn’t been as close to him as he would have like her to been, they had all managed. It was actually a good thing that Deena had gotten that job too since that bastard, Higgins, had decided that it wasn’t “Ok” for him to show up after having had a “few” and showed him the door last week.

“I showed that jackass”, he said, smiling broadly to himself. “When Joe Flanahan walks out, the team goes with me!”…And they had gone with him. A fact of which he was quite proud.

Deena had become distant and really quite troublesome but she had a job and that would keep him where he could take care of both his habit and the kids…those lovely, mouthy little beasts. Rich was about to graduate school when Joe decided to change that plan to a different one tonight –which upset Rich greatly but “oh well”, thought Joe; and Deidre had just started her Freshman year at college and discovered not only those frat bastards but also how to talk back to Daddy when she didn’t get the car she wanted or money for school. “You think I’m made outta money girl?” he snapped at her…they were all still sitting at the table as Joe cleaned up the dishes.

Rich was sitting straight upright and a little to the side with a trail of vomit running from his mouth, while Diedre had fallen face first into her soup; which Joe hated because it would be harder to clean up that way. She, too lay in a pool of her own vomit. Arsenic and antifreeze tend to work that way he guessed. The kids needed mercy after all. They were just kids he thought. Even though they were mouthy.

Deena was smiling that same smile he had fallen in love with 24 years ago and that same, smug, bitchy smile she had when he cut her throat and when she fell over the table and onto the floor. People did funny things like that when they die he had observed. They certainly did after he had taken a pump shotgun to Arch’s Transmission Manufacturing earlier in the day and taken his team “along with him” after Higgins showed him the door earlie that week as he had observed. Joe had also showed Higgins something…his insides.

As the police sirens sounded in the distance, Joe took the dishes to the sink and carefully washed them and set them to dry. He thought again, “Finally, a great old-fashioned family dinner; what could be better?” He ssmiled the smile of someone truly at peace.

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