Enough about tomorrow!: A Poem of sorts

“Enough Dammit!” I finally say;

after days upon DAYS of worry and doubt and anxiety–

Tomorrow I return to teach the Special friends

I instruct each day —

and I do so with my whole heart exposed,

as I am physically and mentally now, to so much;

not only with risk of infection, and with exhaustion,

but also with risk of guilt.

Guilt of having known I should have tried harder

to fight through my fears and selfishness,

that I haven’t done enough or given it my all….

These innocents, whom God has placed in my hands

are truly deserving of all the mercy, kindness and love

I can give them, and,

if I deny them that; then I deny that I am human.

Teaching is a human thing—

We teach and raise children to forge the future.

yet some, like mine, may not have that in their plan;

although their plan is to bless others they embrace,

in their own, unique and unending impact

on the soul, heart and spirit of those they touch.

What greater purpose does humanity have than that?

What greater aspiration does humanity hope to reach.

than the smile and love of a child.

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