Insomnia Rant: Day 3

Dear cartoon mouse that lives in my ear and only comes out at 1:00am or so to pull my eyelids open,

You, Sir, are no longer welcome in my life nor in the domicile of my mind and this is notification of your eviction. You are to vacate the premises, forthwith, under penalty of being tied to a cartoon railroad in my mind’s eye and repeatedly run over by a cartoon freight train. Go away.

So, here we again, my fellow vampires and creatures of the night. I have joined you in your nocturnal world. I know better than to start coffee this early as that’s a recipe for turbocharging the engine of my mind even more and I’m done with that. I’ve decided as well to put together some more flash horror stories and maybe some haikus or rants and that’s where you come in! I’m going to stay with this cartoon mouse holding my eyes open for as long as it takes to try and get sleepy again, but , until then. if it EVER HAPPENS, send over a writing prompt or a couple of words I can use to start a flash fiction story or rant and I’ll be indebted. It’ll help me get at least creative and maybe even get my mind into a state of relaxation where I can let go and relax. Or not. We will see.

Unless the cartoon bulldog of the morning comes again and hits me in the face with a mallet again.

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