It’s not even 1:00am yet; people—Insomnia has to go

You’ve got to be kidding. Nope. Cartoon mouse is up and pulling eyelids open now AGAIN and it’s not even 1:00am.

I mean, really?? Is there some great purpose from On High that I have to perform to keep waking up this way night after night after night?

My mind is already careening around looking for stories to write like a drunken librarian in a book room gone insane. My “meds” aren’t doing it—no booze in the system to rev the engine like this so….WHAT??!!?!

I’m going to lay here another 30 minutes and do my breathing and all that relaxation crap they shoveled into me and if it doesn’t work, dear readers, I’ll be joining you in insomniaville for a follow up post.

Someone just come and hit me with a club already.

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