Texas: Monday thoughts by popular demand

Good morning again my dearest of all possible readers!

It’s come to my attention that some people who have been reading my stuff would like to know what it’s like here in the Lone Star State and my impressions on why I want to get the HELL out of here.

I was born here, against my better judgement, in 1965. I grew up here in a little town just south of the Red River ( I will not name it but it makes The Village in “The Prisoner” seem like Metropolis). anyway….

Texas is it’s own, unique take on what Dante would have seen as one , if not many, of his Circles of Hell. It’s HOT almost ALL THE TIME (we have fall for about 20 minutes around November the 1st) and the weather can go from pouring rain to blistering heat in a matter of moments so screw preparation.

As far as COVID goes, it’s like “Huh, Whut’s that stuff?” around here. People buy into the “science don’t know nuthin’ that there’s that fake news Our Leader has told us to look at fer”. I work at a school where we have literally over 1000 kids wandering around all day touching everything, barely wearing masks, and social distancing NAUGHT. And then parents are shocked we have COVID in the building and people are being quarantined but school still goes on.

Let me give you an example of what COIVD looks like to a teacher. When we got our “PPE” we got ONE, that’s ONE, N95 mask for 9 people to share, ONE, again that’s ONE, pair of Eye goggles for 9 people to share, no gowns (we got those from the science department) and, at first, gloves designed for use at Subway , not surgical gloves. Insert facepalm here.

After MUCH uproar, we finally got rubber gloves and some “barriers” made of PVC pipe and Shower Curtains to put between students. But it took the hand of God Almighty to literally make it happen. We still have no gowns and just basic paper masks, not N95 as we have been promised for 8 weeks now.

People don’t give a crap about eating out or going to be around other people either. They fill restaurants despite the limits by the State; and don’t get me started on football. You see, Football is all we care about here. If we can’t play football, the Midgard Serpent will swallow the World Tree and Ragnarok will insue. People gather, maskless and two inches apart on parking lots and in the other places to tailgate and general act like idiots inthe backs of pickup trucks that you just KNOW are compensatnig for something as they are SO BIG.

This is Trump country too. And for a liberal like me, that’s the equivalent of the dude who is doomed to hell pushing a boulder up a hill endlessly for all eternity. There are truly many of us here, but the cacophony of “Oh Hell Yes Trump!” from the general tank top wearing, camaro driving, gun-totin’ (yes that’s another fucking problem in itself I’ll get to in another post), hee-haws that permeate everything here it’s like being drowned in a bowl of grits. (Look those up if you don’t know what they are. They rhyme with “Shits” for a reason).

So, why am I ranting about this place? Why don’t we leave it? As soon as my youngest son finishes school next year (he has special needs so we have to stay put for his sake) and we have the means we are gone like the fucking WIND. There will be some stops along the way to get us to our ultimate dream retirement place, the UK (God Bless You and Rule Britannia!) but we WILL get there.

In future posts, as in tomorrow and each day, I’ll be covering such diverse (we don’t know what that means in Texas but it sure sounds fancy) topics as:

Why we still execute people, even those with mental issues
-Why we love guns…primarily because of certain, shall we

say, “shortcomings”
-Why we eat like…a LOT…and mostly stuff with a lot of cheese
-Why the Dallas Cowboys are apparently Jesus’ Team
-Why most churches here “love” their neighbor” (unless their Neighbor

loves someone of the same sex or different ethnic background)
-Why on earth we reject all science basically, in explaining anything


I hope you’ll tune in. I’ll probably be getting my arse kicked in for this but oh well–brave men died so I could say Texas sucks.

Oh, and I REFUSE to sue the words “ya’ll” or “Howdy”. Kill me.

I’ll leave you with this classic but of Texas propaganda: Talk amongst yourselves. Until next time….PARTNER. (there’s no D in that word by the way)


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