What I want. Scattered Thoughts on a Monday.

What I want is for my children to grow up in a world without, hatred or racism or man’s inhumanity to man.

What I want is for my country to wake up and see fascism when it’s there and stamp it out–utterly

What I want is to be able to drink much more coffee than the average human.

What I want is for the rights of women, LGBTQ individuals, people of color, people with Special Needs, and in general anyone who currently is treated as second class to be held up and made whole so that they have the dignity, the respect, and the freedom to chase their dreams without being fenced in, beaten down, or left out.

What I want is not to see people, hungry and homeless, laying in the streets of our world, while corporations grow fat and bloated and leave others to suffer.

What I want is to have a phone that has a battery that doesn’t drain like water through a sieve.

What I want is to see tin-pot Dictators across this planet be exponsed for what they are, as well as their minions, and cast out so that true leadership and principles can once again work side by side with the people they lead and bring a new age of freedom and peace.

What I want is to be able to educate my child the safest way I possibly can, and also preserve my safety in a way that makes sense and has science behind it until the blessed day this globe has a cure.

What I want is for the people of this blue pearl in the vastness of black space, this island earth, this green refuge for life alone, so far, in all the Cosmos, to have it’s inhabitants recognize and ACT in accordance with what SCIENCE tells us to stop destroying it as fast as we possibly can in the name of making a few bucks. They will burn like everything else, or drown in the deep with no value at all save the trees that were cut to print them.

What I want is to love my wife, and my children and my grandchildren and know they are safe from some wacko with a gun who claims it’s his right to have more of an arsenal than NATO in his bedroom and then decides it’s time to die for a cause only he understands. What I want is for the fucking guns to be gone. period.

Now. Does this make me a liberal? A Tree-Hugger? A Bleeding Heart? Maybe. But those are just labels and i can wear them. What I am is a member of this human race and what I want–is for that to become a family and not an extinction.

9 thoughts on “What I want. Scattered Thoughts on a Monday.

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      1. I’ve just cottoned onto you via Ingrid who has kindly offered to help me rocket to stardom by publishing my to-be-weekly trilogy. This where Skip comes in. You didn’t see my drinking buddy roo atop the trilogy? He’ll be most disappointed. As will our friend Ingrid….

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      2. So–hmmm…interesting idea. I have to be honest, there’s so much churning in my life right now and I’m dealing with so much as a teacher, recovering drunk, and genral crazed person that I have enough material to do something every day and pretty much have been. How does this thing work with the sharing–how do you guys do it? I’d love to get involved with that activity for sure


      3. Talking about living in Texas and wanting to get out to UK, where your heart is, Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee, lives in LA, can’t wait to get out back to Australia. Back to your roots as they say Joe…. US seems a madhouse…

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      4. Agreed….I an I’m dead serious about getting out of here. Didn’t knw abut “Hoges” but can see that for sure. This place is one jackboot shy of full on 1984 and I’ve had it. I’m just trying to get the resources in place and then off we shall go…never to look back. As far as talking about Texas; where the hell should I begin? It’s so wack-a-doo I don’t know where to begin. Talk about a clown running across a minefield.


      5. Oh you mean the Great Orange beachball? Probably. And yes, its COVID paradise right now despite what you hear on the news. The school I work in has daily cases but is still open and we have over 1000 students wandering around various places touching everything. People still do tailgate football parties and act like there’s nothing wrong. Ignorant arses. Definitely the “fake news” buy in idiots. I’m writing a blog right now thanks to your input and think it’ll be a daily edition for awhile


  1. One of the reasons the common people of Europe were so easily dominated, by whichever Government held the reigns of power, was the disarming of the so called unwashed masses. The Founding Father’s of our Democratic Republic understood that, which was why they created the 2ed Amendment – the right to bear arms. It is also why the Democratic party and the Extreme Far Left want to disarm the American people. Hence the right and the ability to own a gun is the only thing standing between the American people and outright tyranny.


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