Rubbish: A rant

I call anything

From now on

That makes me afraid,

That keeps me awake at night,

That makes me want to

quit my Life’s work or worse,

my life’s meaning….


I name thee Demon,

And thy name is rubbish.

You came close this time,

Oh so very close,

But you failed because

I return to my post tomorrow

Having learned about who I am

And what I am

And what strength I am and that lives within me—

And you lost.

I will make a difference again

Shake off the weak, old man

And explode with a new plan

To deny thy grasping, choking, Deadening hand,

Thou foul breath and command

You Demon called Rubbish.

You tried didn’t you,

You kept me up nights, like right now,

Making me afraid of both the work, and the students and the staff all being against me,

That mindless paranoia that paralyzes ones soul— but you lied.

You used your only power, lies all false and dour

Beating me hour after hour

Until I finally succcumbed.

No more. I say, NO MORE.

Come at me with thy fear and anguish,

You’ll be met with naught but skirmish

And I’ll drive you to the furnace

From which you came and belong—

I claim from this point forward. My life and it’s march towards

A destiny that only I can make the most of

Without you, rubbish—

Because I name thee for what you truly are:


Begone. And shut the door behind you, you cowardly bastard

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