The Ballad of the Grey Man

Ne’er a girl has yet been born,

could boast that she befel

the curse the maiden born to me

endured and lived to tell.

She was born upon a twilight dark,

when I at first laid eyes

upon this beauty God had made

with His own hands, my prize.

She cried the cry of a newborn babe,

and did smile when she first saw me;

not knowing that I had made a deal

for her birth, to live, and see.

For I was barren as a man,

cursed ne’er to sire a child,

my love did cry, her tears they ran

for the want of a babe so mild.

So, I had stolen away one dreadful night,

gone to the forest deep;

to find what ’twas told,

a man that could give to me

a chance to stop her weep.

I traveled far into the night,

I came upon a place,

“twas lit by fire I could not see,

except for for the piercing face

of a man, so tall, he stood tree high,

a man, with eyes of red;

“You seek to give your wife a child”,

he gazed ‘pon me and said…

I told him that my need was hers,

that she alone ’twas due,

“There’s a price to pay”, he said to me

“Should you wish a child that’s true…

You must pledge to me,

that once you see,

that child born free and good,

Your heart and soul

will abide with me

and forever walk this wood”

I did not think and yielded then

accepted the fate for her

so she could hold my child for’er

and I would watch from afar….

So, when the girl was born and safe

I cried and cried ’til I

began to feel

my heavy arms, become leaden as the sky

of that dread night

when I agreed

to give my life for her

So forever I walk

these woods, a man of grey,

with soulless love but pure.

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