Holding On

A friend came to me in my suffering,

noticing me on my knees in pain–

afraid and helpless and writhing in the grip of fear;

he took my shoulders with his mighty hands

and said to me ” Be strong, we have you”

And one cloud that had been covering the sun fell away;

Another friend came to me, and hugged me with arms of steel

and said to me “you are worth something–we love you”

And another cloud, coverring that same sun, fell away…

A third friend, a mentor and sage

came to me and just held out a hand of understanding–

and offered me a golden bar called love,

a bar of gold so priceless and bright

it blew the clouds that covered the sun

into the shadows from where they had crept.

The clouds will return,

and they will try and cover forever again the sun of my life–

but the bar of gold, the love I have been given;

will banish them

and make them nothing but shadows

and the flailings of

an impotent ghost.

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