The Garden

Oh how the garden grew once;

When it was young and new and green,

It blossomed and sprang with life.

Nothing was impossible for it,

no withering plant nor invasive pest

could come against it’s strength and beauty.

The gardener was always tending

to it’s needs and giving it fresh water

and the precious time that it deserved and craved.

Then, as time went by,

the garden stopped it’s blooming;

it’s petals and shoots of green

began to dry and shrink

until the lush foliage shrank to dismal ruin.

Time came against the garden,

because of the neglect in it’s upkeep.

Mistakes made over and again by the same gardener

who lost himself in his own, selfish and petty needs

and denied the garden

the precious water and love it craved.

He defended the way he was spending his time

away from the flowers and the tender plants

that needed his love…by denying it was his doing;

that he had to be about other things…

So finally, what was once beautiful

now stood withered, dried and,

gave up it’s purpose,

not because it wanted to–

but because of his his uncaring heart,

and without the water of his love.

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