Today is Personal.

Today is personal.

Today I start building back

from the wreckage of the last eight months

of drunken reeling, late-night stumbling,

callous ignorance of those around me,

self-pitying drivel,

and general hating of who I am and who I was becoming.

I haven’t had a shower in days;

I’ve barely eaten because I just don’t care–

and I’d resigned myself to futility

–but not today.

For them.

For the people in my life

who may or may not have faith in me –ever again–

For them, today I will use what is left;

and it isn’t much,

to tie a knot in the rope I’m hanging onto

and pull myself back up.

I realize that I may fail, however,

If I slip, I slip….

I’ve slipped plenty already–but I’m going to try.

I gave up before, just cashed it in and let myself just slide

down that rope towards the womb of oblivion…

–not today.

Today is personal.

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