The Prisoner…again…

Good morning from The Village of my beat up mind.

Not that it is of any importance, but, for a time, I’ve decided to interlace the poems and stories of the minefield of my life with another venue for writing and I’ve decided yet again to watch The Prisoner series to try and get out of the absolute Tsunami of human turmoil in and around my life right now.

I don’t know if there are any fans of the show who read this blog but I’m going to be watching the episodes and then shooting out some ideas and thoughts after each. If you haven’t seen the show then bear with me, if you have, then bear with me. Like all of us, I need an outlet from this desolate place.

Who knows? If you live somewhere that Amazon Prime offers the show maybe we can do a Watch Party and chat it up a little. There’s no camera crap, just words and chat so if anyone’s interested I’m game too.

In any case, hope this finds you all well, safe and fighting through whatever prison holds you captive. Mine is myself. And there is no key.

Be Seeing You.

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