Very Small World

He was later for work than he wanted to be…only by about 30 minutes but still; that wasn’t the first time. He knew if he was later than 45 minutes he might as well just not even show up. McFister had gotten ahold of him the last time he showed up after being out all night….which was why he was late again today….and threatened him with being flayed alive; or fired–his choice.

He ran into the building as fast as he could, threw his ID at security and said “Scan me, I’ll get it later!” and ran to the elevator which displayed a prominent “Out of Order sign”; so…the stairs it was!

He threw open the door and began running top-speed up the 15 flights of stairs he had to climb to get to his desk as soon as he could. He had just checked his watch and saw that he was 47 minutes late (and McFister was going to have his ass..literally) when he ran head-on into someone coming down the stairs and knocked them to their feet. “Very small world”, he said to himself as he noticed he had just been fired and run into himself leaving the building.

“Oh well”, they said to each other in stereo; “At least we got the waitress’ number.” And went to read the employment section. In tandem.

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