Recovery: You are all Tailors

Day 16 in recovery begins. Good Lord Baby Jesus in Heaven I wanted a drink last night. I know I sound like a pathetic lush, but this is tough people. Recover, to me, is like wearing a suit that fits too tightly for you and the sleeves make it hard to lift your arms but you have to. They bind you at he shoulders and make your arms stiff and unable to reach the most basic things without effort.

Recovery is also like wearing a pair of pants that is too short so you keep pulling them down a bit as not to get laughed at for wearing “floods”. People look at you and say “I wonder if he’s still on the wagon” or “You know he has a drinking problem, wonder what’s wrong with him?”

However, Recover, if done with the connection and support of others can be a tailor. It fixes the sleeves so you can move and it lengthens the pants so you feel like you fit in. That, my dear reader, is where you all have come into my life. You are all tailors.

I can come to this forum and express myself as a human being, with flaws, and weakness, and sadness, and struggle and–even though I will never meet any of you personally, in all probability, you have tailored my life with your reviews and “likes” and just being there to put up with my inane horror stories and ramblings.

Recovery in the company of a connection, virtual or otherwise, helps the suit fit better. And, on nights like last night, when the suit was REALLY tight and a sweet lady named Chardonnay came sashaying by to say “Hello, Sailor! How about a good time?–you’ve earned it after 15 days…c’mon…just a little lovin’ baby”…I can say, “Sorry, I’m busy..gotta post this Jesus joke”…and I turn away from her…with the support of this collective connection across this “small world” …as it were from yesterday’s writing prompt.

So, dear reader, thank you. You are all not only craftspeople in your writings, musings, and art; but you are the new tailors of my life. Remember that you ALL mean SOMETHING to SOMEONE in this world now.

Recovery is a Village. And I am in it with you all.

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