A note about my blog: I’m just here for the words…

Hey folks! I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately on just basically increasing followers or reviews or getting noticed and whatnot. I’m stepping out of my Everyday Joe hat to say, I am not doing a blog to get followers or any of that stuff… I’m doing it because I’ve had two breakdowns in the last year and am now a recovering alcoholic and doing this writing each day is getting me through a rough time in my life.

Not to say that people posting about “How to make your blog better” or “Attract more followers” is wrong, that’s not my business…I just write because I truly love writing and want to just share stories and poems and general meltdowns with other people.

I look at it this way; if people follow me then that’s awesome, and I follow them back to see what they are experiencing in life. I look at this blog as about my life and my stories and just connecting with people. I hate the Ad things and am trying to get it off my blog because that’s not what I am about either. Forgive me for those as they suck and I will try and get them to begone. Begone with thee, foul Ads! Away I say!

So, long story short, if you follow me then hello my friend. I look forward to seeing your life experience and sharing mine with you. I’m here for the words and saying them, not gathering people to see how many I can corral. I hope you all are having the best life, and if you’re not, you are not alone because I’m right there with you. Life is a bag of garlic and horseshit for me right now. Maybe together we can figure something out. I know I’m going to be writing a lot about mine and hope you don’t mind when I go on and on a little…especially about a certain Diner.

Be Seeing You

With Love,

Everyday Joe

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