4:00 Diner- The Blackness

The man had come to the Diner and wreaked havoc once again with a power that the customer had not seen. He had come over and sat in the booth, number 6, across from the customer and had told him “Now, for my story…” The customer found that his heartbeat had increased and he felt nauseated just being in the man in the tuxedo’s presence.

The man began to speak. “You should by know my story already if you had any insight, however, I shall tell it to you in case you have somehow not yet made the connections you should have made”, he said.

” I was born in the very early days..so many years ago it seems…” he said. “I was born deep; so deep down that I was only a mere spirit–a transient thought locked in a black cage made of nightmares and visions of dread tidings. From your earliest memory I have witnessed every aspect of your pitiful pathetic life” he said and he spit again on the floor as if in disgust. Once agin, the spittle sizzled and burned on the floor.

He continued, “I grew as you grew; first a small, small, apparition then a spark of intense black flame that erupted when you had your first real responsibility…and you doubted your destiny..It was, at that moment, when i was freed to let loose the chaos in your life.”

“Allow me then , to formally introduce myself…I am fear.” he said smiling a smile like a rabid wolf, hungry for a fresh soul to kill and devour. “I am come to destroy your life once and for all and all it’s joys and emotions and become supreme.”

“I will live your life for you..” he hised. For I know what itis you are most afraid of and there are many things….for instance,” and he opened his mouth wide until it was a great, black maw and vomited up thousands of spiders that rushed towards the customer. They swarmed over him like fresh meat and began to tear and biete his flesh. Then , almost in an instant, they became black beetles; huge and horrific with mandibles of steel that continued their conquest of his body. The man smiled again and waved his hand in the air. “Begone, now!” he commanded. And, ,just as quickly as they had been vomited up, they were gone.

“You see?” the man in the tuxedo said. “You are now MINE and all these….FIGMENTS…are defeated and done. You have no way out from under my grasp now.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that just yet Love” said a voice from behnid the man. It was DeIDre. She grabbed the man by the throat and lifted him, holding him in mid-air and began to strangle him. “You’re not in charge down here–I am Dearie…you need to learn your place…” The man became as smoke again and escaped DeIDre’s grasp. He advanced to the back of the Diner and reassumed his “human” form. He grabbed the bum by the hair and threw him like a lifelss doll at the feet of DeIDre. “You are NOTHING!” he shrieked..”you are just the blind, deep urges of this worm’s puny mind!…and you will pay for this!”

He raised both his arms into the air and the wall of the Diner fell backwards into a black, whirling whirlpool. “Understand, wench–I am not alone in this battle…and just as he said–he was not alone. Three figures crawled slowly from the black pool. One clad in black armor as a Knight would wear and a lance of burning flame, one clad in rags and bearing no eyes and a hideous ear-to-ear grin surounded by rats that crawled and cavorted over his rotting body; and the last figure, a massive creature, black as the darkest eclipse, covered with toothless mouths all over it’s body and possessing a huge mouth and no eyes.

“These are my allies…” the man said, smiling again. “. Pointing to the Knight he said, “This is despair, armored in black hopelessness, the gaunt one is dread–of a death painful, and meaningless; and this one”, pointing to the huge monster behind them all–is Rage..eater of worlds and the souls of all of them…they will detroy this place and you with it.”

“Not so fast darlin’ said another voice; not heard before, and a light as bright as the sun entered the other side of the Diner throug the ruined doors. The light dimmed and revealed it was Velvet; clad in pink armor herself and glowing with a light that was as scarlet fire. “Ya see, darlin’ ” she said…he’s not alone either.

It was at that moment that sparks of many colors flew into the Diner and streamers of steely gold fell from the ceiling..Sparky flipped into the doorway and entered; throwing off colors of fire from his hands as if the spectrum had exploded.

Again, there was a rumbling and deep sound from atop the Diner. The ceiling crashed in and there, shining in a new, clean unifrom with cape flying was Neo-Commader; and he wasn’t “Antsy” anymore…he had made a true superhero entrance. “You’re done” he said through clenched teeth. “Make peace with your God , whoever that may be.”

DeIDre stood to her feet, took the cigarette from her mouth and threw it at the man in the tuxedo, it’s ash finally falling from it and setting a huge blaze of red fire that surrounded the man’s band of vicious evil.

The man raised his hands and the fire went out, He laughed. He laughed so hard he vomited up blood. “You still have nothing….we have Rage; the strongest of all. He will lay waste to you and we others shall have nothing left to conquer when he is done ” . Rage lept forward and landed right in front of the “figments” as the man had called them.

Then, staggeringly and swaying, the bum stood up and he lit up in a greenish, streaming, flame” The bum said, “I was lost and now I am found. I am Justice, and I have come for you; but…” Justice said…we have someone else with us that will match your Rage..It is called…Hope”.. And just as he uttered the word; the other end of the Diner was ripped from it’s foundation revealng and even more massive firgure than Rage that was as blue as the sky itself with golden eys that reflected it’s power and glory. It ws truly a monster in it’s own right.

“And now–said Justice…” Let the battle begin…”

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