Random Tarot: A Silly Haiku

Who's Got the Old Maid Vintage Card Game | Etsy | Childhood memories 70s,  Childhood toys, My childhood memories

The damn cups keep showing up first and nine of them,

of course, they’re reversed so I’m either in love of stuff I don’t have,

or something I want, I a’int getting. Great. Thanks for the great start.

Then, here we go again with the King of Swords,

Sitting and grinning at me like a possum eating crap,

saying “I’m a cold jackass and you need to work harder, by my command!”

I say “Command this!…” back to him; arrogant jerk. Get back in the deck.

Then a new card shows up and it’s the Moon..

So what does this one say is going to kick me in the ass today?

Oh wonderful. Imagination but also uncertainty and being indecisive.

So today will be:

Not getting anything I need but loving that–how Egyptian.

Working harder to NOT get those things I need–Hey! I’m a Serf!

And, Finally, I can’t make up my mind even with all the imagination I have.

…so I’m imaginative and can’t make any choices, but I can make crap up.

Looks great.

Let’s just throw these out and play Old Maid.

It works better and the pictures are funny.


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