Time is an Anchor

FIN6 and TrickBot Combine Forces in 'Anchor' Attacks | Threatpost

The days roll by with dusk arriving as an early friend,

but the days themselves seeming to linger longer

when you are waiting for a special time to come.

Time is like and Anchor to my soul;

an Anchor I must pull and toil against

to get to the goal that beckons, so hard and so close

but just out of reach it seems…at the end of the path.

There are times in our lives where time truly flies,

and we see days melt one into another

like mercury flows across the floor;

then there are times, like the present,

where time is a millstone to the mind,

that drags us down and into

the blackness of impatience

and paranoia….of the future at stake

and a life choice unmade…

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