Falling Up

When I was a boy, I would stand on my head a nd gaze at the deepest blue sky. Surrounded by grass as green as emerald fire, I would wait there, baffled as to why I could'nt just let go of Earth and tumble into the blue. @baffled#haikuchallenge

Grievances: A Short Poem Pointed at an Orange

The following represents the views and opinions of myself; any connection with individuals, living or orange; is purely non-coincidental and is, in fact taken directly from the list of grievances against a certain King at the time it was written....and apply now. As in, RIGHT NOW. Substitutions have been made to NOT protect the innocent... Continue Reading →

Words: A Haiku

Stand Rise Climb Strain Attain Stress Violence Stress Anger Stress Rage Stress Disappointment Stress Dead-End "Enough!" Stress "I quit!" Stress Anxiety Falling Uncertainty Stress Anxiety Family Anxiety Responsiblity Anxiety Stress Failure Self-Loathing Stress Shame Anxiety Opportunity Hope Choosing Hopeful Beginning Renewal Risk Frightened Standing Rising Climbing....

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