Perception: A Haiku

Perception is a fleeting mistress, It leaves it's kiss for a short, sweet, moment and then is gone; leaving an imprint on the heart, and opening the eyes of the soul to ponder the world and it's many realities; It opens doors to dimensions of change that all say "come and see"...

Waking: A Short Poem

Oh, gentle hope-- You reached down with a grasp of mercy and brought me up to ride back upon the waves; From the pit of desperation, and breaking, your light shone into the midnight of my heart and broke me free from the chains of sleep to awaken in the arms of freedom...


The Coffee here isn't good; Neither is life, though, so that's a good balance at least. I sit in the Coffee Bar/Diner in my head, "Joe's All Night Eats", and wait for the imaginary waitress with the heavy eyeshadow, smeary lipstick, dumpy figure, (complete with Sky-Blue, frilly uniform), and the obligatory 6 inch long cigarette... Continue Reading →

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