Grievances: A Short Poem Pointed at an Orange

The following represents the views and opinions of myself; any connection with individuals, living or orange; is purely non-coincidental and is, in fact taken directly from the list of grievances against a certain King at the time it was written....and apply now. As in, RIGHT NOW. Substitutions have been made to NOT protect the innocent... Continue Reading →

Aries Striding: A Haiku

The Ram finds himself with renewed spirits and finding his balance from the cleft to the rocks below; He is climbing still to new heights of unknown destiny-- but still he strides, onward and with hope towards the summit and horizon so close to his reach; and leaves the crags and peril behind him....

Perception: A Haiku

Perception is a fleeting mistress, It leaves it's kiss for a short, sweet, moment and then is gone; leaving an imprint on the heart, and opening the eyes of the soul to ponder the world and it's many realities; It opens doors to dimensions of change that all say "come and see"...

Ebb and Flow

The water of life and it's current have too long been slowed by the past in my soul; At last the flow comes and a new current stirs the ship of my life towards a new horizon and a new destiny of making a difference in the lives of innocent souls... Let the river run---

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