How “The Prisoner” got me through this mess.

In 1967, Patrick McGoohan created one of the most controversial, cutting edge television shows ever to be broadcast. It not only featured technology that didn't exist at the time (science fiction, go figure right?) but also a compelling character and situation that, especially in these challenging times or chaos and control in the hands of... Continue Reading →

3:36am: More Ramblings from the Roaring Mind (Teaching, Falling down a lot, and getting back up)

Good morning dear reader. The engine doth roar again, and the eyes doth pop wide open with ideas on new and interesting things I just have to write...and right now. I can see two things now very clearly; When you stop one habit, you pick up another that takes its place and that can, when... Continue Reading →

Unite The Seven: A Short Intro

Good morning dear readers, As many of you know, I am currently dealing with struggles and challenges (as truly many of us are in these blighted times), with stress, anxiety, addiction, and panic. I'm a teacher. A teacher of students who have profound Special Needs. These students are loving and truly beautiful children who deserve... Continue Reading →

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