The Coffee here isn't good; Neither is life, though, so that's a good balance at least. I sit in the Coffee Bar/Diner in my head, "Joe's All Night Eats", and wait for the imaginary waitress with the heavy eyeshadow, smeary lipstick, dumpy figure, (complete with Sky-Blue, frilly uniform), and the obligatory 6 inch long cigarette... Continue Reading →

Sleeplessness: Full Throttle at 1am

Eyes open…thoughts begin to race all over the room-- It’s gotta be early—I just can’t believe this Go back to sleep! What’s the matter with you?? I look at the clock; it’s just past 1am. Jesus this sucks. My “meds” aren’t doing anything… “of course, they can’t you idiot!”—I say to myself, “they’ve been washed... Continue Reading →

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