Haiku: We are all in The Village

Freedom is but an open door to illusion.When we are "entertained" we are numbed,numbered...and herded. For we all live in The Village,all bright and colored and quaint,yet impossible to leave and driven to stay yet we dream of freedom that laughs at us...and raises it's skirt to promise easy love.We are flowers in a terrarium;growing... Continue Reading →

Grievances: A Short Poem Pointed at an Orange

The following represents the views and opinions of myself; any connection with individuals, living or orange; is purely non-coincidental and is, in fact taken directly from the list of grievances against a certain King at the time it was written....and apply now. As in, RIGHT NOW. Substitutions have been made to NOT protect the innocent... Continue Reading →

Words: A Haiku

Stand Rise Climb Strain Attain Stress Violence Stress Anger Stress Rage Stress Disappointment Stress Dead-End "Enough!" Stress "I quit!" Stress Anxiety Falling Uncertainty Stress Anxiety Family Anxiety Responsiblity Anxiety Stress Failure Self-Loathing Stress Shame Anxiety Opportunity Hope Choosing Hopeful Beginning Renewal Risk Frightened Standing Rising Climbing....

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